✍️ Written by Uboho Bassey

It never ceases to amaze me, how many times our paths have crossed with other people, and how, within that space of time, history is made. These are the rare moments we have discovered kindred spirits by simply connecting through our art, our voices, our culture, and our hearts.

Yes. I am asking you to pause and see how much is beautiful in others. I am not asking for much, you’d agree. And it is so much easier when you realize what is hidden as a treasure within us all, is more, much more than what the eyes can see at first glance! That honest laugh ?, that meltingly sweet smile ? that baritone voice, that can-do spirit, that true kindness, that special touch, that deep empathy, that unfeigned humanity!

Mankind was born for moments like this! Scintillating.. mind gripping… soul stirring…brain titillating! Spend a little time with him and you’ll come to the undeniable conclusion that he is a treasure to cherish!

He is none other than our legendary Rev. Dr. Moses Ibanga Akpabio: indigenous writer, orator, the maestro of spoken words, of captivating delivery, of nuances and tones, of literary magic!

Here’s a man whose witticisms, axioms, adages and tales stand the Ibibios, and entire Akwa Ibom State distinguished. He combines the profound insight of the born Writer and the stylish subtlety of a Poet, and delves even more deeply into the fascination of language as a medium of rebirth and renaissance.

When a book purchase is made, two products are actually sold. They are indelibly stamped into one – the contents between the covers and the author. The author is the rushing fountain from which the words flow. It is therefore easy to connect to the person behind the words because his or her mind, personality, life experience, and soul have led to the creation of that work of art. Be it a poem, a story, biography, fiction, a manual, or a script for a play.

One of Rev. Dr. Moses’ works is a Book Titled: UDO IDÛÑGIMA. It is about a wise young man who teaches an entire village about the evil of assumptions and the error of judgment without evidence. It is a narrative that would grip you from the very first page to the last, and would forever change your life. In its pages, you’d find the heady opium of praise, the tempting lure of adulations, and the hidden traps that exposes one’s frailties and mortality.

In yet another Book, ESSE AKWA IBOM STED Dr. Moses wears his heart on his sleeve. His thoughts for his beloved State and his fervent prayers to OBOD leaves us without any doubt of his passion, love, patriotism, and fidelity to his roots and culture.

A book of Eighteen chapters, you’d find: the hilarious “Ifia Akaan Añwaàn,” the heart wrenching “Mmööñ Oyod Ikpööñ,” the celebratory “Mary Slessor,” the caustic “Böditïk,” the conscience-tugging “Mmè Atisa,” the thought-provoking “Isañ Usûñ Uko,” and the awe-inspiring “Ubök Utom Obod,” to mention but a few.

In chapters titled: “Mmè Öbûkötiip Ikö” and “Ododombod” he writes in vernacular about societal ills and the vicissitudes of life. Prayer, Old age, Sickness, spite, malice, selfishness, friendship, wealth, perseverance, pride, patience, wisdom, procrastination and a lot more!

Here’s his view on Riches:

Inie Ododombod uwàk uwàk,
Imö owò àkpeyèm iben afid;
Mbaak uweenè adikeenè anie
Ñkood anye anïm àkpà àkpöñ.

The world’s riches are uncountable
The wealthy would lay hold on all,
And stop the poor from the table
Yet, none will he take to the grave.


Mmè inie mfò ibeheke mkpa,
Anieneke ubom afïm öyöhô ènyöñ:
Abakkake usük anïm afàk mkpa,
Mkpa idubööhö uwà idia inyöñ.


“Your wealth does not impress death,
Flood the skies with a fleet of aircrafts –
If you keep a portion to consult with death,
Death will refuse to eat of your sacrifice.”

?On Akwa Ibom State’s creation in 1987, Dr. Moses has this to say:

“Nsemana ayin okpon etop!
Akwa Ibom odod s’ebö:
Ñkpö uto mmö kè èsid
Anyem odo ñkïd kè anyèn!”

“What great herald of a birth!
Akwa Ibom is a worthy creation:
Treasures abound within its borders
This is a dream come true in our eyes!”


At Eighty plus and waxing strong, he is full of energy, alert and vibrant; ready to be called upon to consult and coach, mentor and impart his vast knowledge for posterity. He has an enduring empathy for the community, the light and the darkest of it, and he employs a full canvas to paint his excellent stories.

Through his books, we know he is a faith-filled and good-hearted human being. He writes from the heart – not for fame or applause – but for the hearts of those before, and after him. He writes for the orphans whose tears we do not see, but whose angst we feel; he writes for the teachers who seek their reward here on earth, not in heaven; he writes for those whose greed and political wiles would rip our State apart and shred the thin fabric of our oneness; he writes for those whose hunger seeks gratification. As an ordained Reverend minister, what a joy and blessing it was to be led in prayer by him – positive affirmations, faith declarations, and prophetic proclamations!

A man of many parts, a passionate farmer who believes in the seasons of sowing and reaping, Dr. Moses Ibanga is married with children. His beloved wife, Akon Akpabio, a retired Headmistress whom we were most delighted to meet with, runs a registered creche in a section of their compound.

Together, they exemplify a typical Akwa Ibom family whose doors are open to all, whose hearts are true, whose ears are attuned to the call of greatness, whose feet are aligned on the path of industry, whose lives are bound in integrity, and whose destiny is saturated with the age-long virtues of community and humanity.

What would you do to celebrate a father like Moses Ibanga Akpabio? Do not let anything get in your way!
Let’s end this tantalizing piece with the legend speaking about:

“Eti mkpò anyam idem ikpööñ
Anie ñkpö ibööhö ñkoñ iwuod
Ate, ñkpo imö inaaha akpandañ
S’imö ikpa mbiomo Usûñ isañ.”

A great product drives its sales
The trader is freed from headache:
Saying, my wares don’t last till ‘moro:
That I should be burdened by stress!

Me, in conclusion:

Na Dem Dey Rush Us !!!




Rev. Dr. Moses Ibanga Akpabio reading from UDO IDÛÑGIMA
Uboho and Ini Ite Ubong Author of Ekoñ Nkè with Dr Akpabio
Another of his daughters that we waited for, Pst. Blessing Michael
The Living Legend Rev. Dr. Moses Ibanga Akpabio. We had to agree to his desire of change of outfit ?
moses ibanga akpabio
Ini Ite Ubong Author Ekoñ Nkè; Teacher and Minister, Blessing Michael; Uboho, Author and Poet
moses ibanga akpabio
With Uboho
The fine couple.. in the Creche

At the Creche with Mrs. Akon Akpabio wife of Rev. Dr. Moses Ibanga Akpabio

moses ibanga akpabio
Here we are! Ini, Blessing and Uboho

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