By Mr Edet William


On August 25, 2021 at 11:25am, I read a social media post about Uyo Book Club by Wilson Peter and got so attracted to its contents. So, I sent to him the following messages:

“I will like to be a member of the Uyo Book Club. Is that possible? I am in love with the reading renaissance going on there.”

Mr. Wilson replied: “Last Saturday of every month @ Shakespeare Room, Watbridge Hotels & Suites, opposite Ibom Hall by 4pm.”

These were the exact words that directed my determination towards becoming a member of Uyo Book Club.

On Saturday, 25th August, 2021, I was at the above venue which still remains the meeting venue for the almighty Uyo Book Club.

On July 27, 2022, God qualified me to be appointed and inducted as the Coordinator, Ibiono Ibom Book Club by the Founder, Uyo Book Club, Dr. Udeme Nana a man of inexplicable foresight.

ibiono ibom book club


The mission of Ibiono Ibom Book Club (IIBC) is to help every Ibiono Ibom child, man and woman make reading their culture. We are totally committed to our 3Ds mission – Direction, Determination and Decency. We have a direction which we are determined to decently execute, that is, our vision.


The vision is to establish book clubs in all primary and secondary schools (private and public) in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area, even in families. In the words of the founder, just as there are drinking parlours everywhere, book clubs must also be established everywhere. That is our commitment as we all are familiar with an English philosopher and Statesman, Sir Francis Bacon who opined that: Reading maketh a full Man; Conference a ready man; and writing an exact tman.



Ibiono Ibom Book Club is set to ensure, through collaboration with Government at all levels, NGOs, individuals etc. to build a library and literacy centre which shall also serve as skills acquisition centre for Ibiono Ibom children, youths, women and men. That is why we have called on all to donate books, money and materials for the actualization of this vision of building Ibiono Ibom Central Library.