About us

Uyo Book Club is an intellectual hub. A community of lovers of education; reading, writing and discourse.

The main focus of the Uyo Book Club (UBC) is to re-awaken the reading culture among people at all levels in society. We believe that through reading, the sensibilities of people can be refined as a foundation for a better society.

The Club promotes the establishment of Book Clubs in all parts of Akwa Ibom State. It strives to create enthusiasm among people for BOOKS and READING in addition to the endowment of Reading/Writing Awards and Prizes at all levels. The Club promotes writing, review of books, collection, distribution and preservation of Books for use by interested persons.



The Uyo Book Club is envisaged as a hub for social readers. It is aimed at creating a community of readers, socialising people to start reading again in the understanding that people can reimagine, reinvent and release their innate creative spirit. It also seeks to inspire writers, provide an avenue for reviewers and books centred discourses in addition to creating enthusiasm about books.

It seeks to encourage the setting up of Book clubs in residential areas, streets, schools, wards, villages and local government areas. In addition, the book club hopes to endow prizes, awards for readers and writers in various categories besides serving as an intellectual “THINK TANK” to make well-thought-out contributions to the government of the day at all levels.

In the pursuit of an activist role ultimately, our book club could lead the advocacy for improvement or rehabilitation of the infrastructure in the sector as a large community of readers would spur more talented writers up, impact on the publishing industry, rejuvenate the Bookselling sector, provide reading materials in schools and for general readers.

Uyo Book Club aspires to lead the movement to promote the ascendancy and dominance of a robust high culture in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria.

Our Impact