Abak Book Club

Hey there, bookworms! Welcome to Abak Book Club, where we gather to dive into the wonderful world of reading and knowledge sharing! 

We are a community of reading enthusiasts who gather at least once every month to read, review and share knowledge for the purpose of growth and advancement in every area of our lives.
Our vision is to birth a society where no one is left behind in the literacy journey. A society where knowledge is valued which will invariably impact on the quality of leadership at every level.
We meet at the Divisional Library in Abak, Akwa Ibom State, a perfect place to come together and immerse ourselves in the magic of books.
Who can join us?
Well, everyone! Irrespective of age and status, we welcome all with open arms. Let’s celebrate the joy of reading together!
Our activities include engaging in book reviews, community development projects, school outreaches, and organizing essay and quiz competitions. We’ll also host symposia and seminars that will have a profound impact on our society.
So, grab a book and join us on this exciting literary journey! Together, we’ll inspire connections, spark discussions, and take action for a brighter future. Let’s make a difference through the power of reading!
Abak Book Club is coordinated by Mary Jonas.
Abak book club Abak book club Abak book club