A Chat With Robert Greene

robert greene

“Leroi, you fell off” Robert Greene said to me in a disappointed tone. “Not really, I just wanted to be humane” “But you ended up trusting people who were playing manipulative games around you, I can’t believe you were once …

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An Address by Dr. UDEME NANA, MIPRA, MNIPR, Founder & Progenitor of Book Clubs in Akwa Ibom State at the Opening of the 2nd National Conference of Book Clubs in Nigeria in Uyo on Friday,16th September, 2022 in  Watbridge Hotel and Suites, Uyo at 12 noon

Udeme Nana

Protocol I feel a tingling sensation of fulfilment right now and I thank God for how it has panned out from the moment of that flash of insight to embark on this journey in 2015. I shared that inspiration with …

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