Uyo Book Club reading session for 2024 began in January after the 2023 reading session had ended in November.

The first reading session for the year, which was held on Saturday, the 27th of January, 2024, at Shakespeare Hall, Watbridge Hotel and Suite had in attendance numerous old and new members of the book club, the Patron, Senator Ekong Sampson and a special guest, Prof. Etete Peters.

The session began with the “DEAR” (Drop Everything And Read) moment, followed by a thanksgiving prayer by a member of the book club, Idongesit Nnah, who thanked God for keeping and bringing us together again.

A welcome message was delivered by the founder of the book club, Dr. Udeme Nana, who unveiled some of the plans for the year. The high point of the January reading session was the book review of the book titled “BURIED SECRETS”  authored by IDONGESIT NNAH which was reviewed by SEKE REUBEN. The reviewer shared interesting insights and valuable lessons from the book.

There were responses from members of the book club and authors such as Mrs Elizabeth James, the author of the book “The Return of Judah” and “Not Tomorrow” and Dr. Martins Akpan, the author of the book “The Crumb Eaters”

The Patron, Senator Ekong Sampson, in his brief remark congratulated every member for the positive impact and expressed his commitment to the plans of the book club. The special guest, Prof. Etete Peters, who congratulated the author of the book and the book reviewer expressed his admiration for what was going on at the book club.

The special guest encouraged every member of the book club to keep up the good work. He was presented with a copy of the book, “The Return of Judah” by Dr. Udeme Nana. The January reading session ended after remarks were made by some members of the club. The session was a successful one.


In February, another reading session beamed some light on Governor Umo Eno’s book, “BE OF GOOD CHEER!” which was published in 2020, was held on Saturday, the 24th of February, 2024.

The reading session which began at 4:00 pm with the “DEAR” moment had several members of the book club in attendance. A few of which were Prof. Mrs Felisha Etim – The Liberian, Niger Delta University; Dr. Martins Akpan – Chairman, Akwa Ibom State Primary Health Care Development Agency; Mr Anietie Usen – SSA to Governor on Media; Akparawa Michael Bush – President-General, Akwa Ibom State Ward Leaders Union; and Mr Amadi – Deputy Branch Manager, Zenith Bank.

The “DEAR” moment was brought to an end and was followed by a brief introduction of members by the moderator, Idongesit Nnah. The introduction of members ushered in the book reviewer of Governor Umo Eno’s book, which was no other person than the Founder of the Uyo Book Club, Dr. Udeme Nana.

According to the reviewer, the book “BE OF GOOD CHEER” which was published almost three years before the author became the Governor was a timely book with positive responses in a time of crisis, because the world was shut down on account of COVID-19. Dr. Nana presented an excellent book review, capturing various chapters and pages, and drawing out the lessons and messages embedded in those pages.

He also critiqued and made useful recommendations while reviewing the book. A copy of the book review is available in PDF for anyone who desires to know more. There were numerous responses, questions and contributions from members. Also, during the meeting, Mr. Anietie Usen made available copies of his book titled “VILLAGE BOY” to new members of the book club. The February reading session ended with a brief prayer by Akparawa Michael Bush, and everyone was encouraged to be of good cheer.


The first quarter ended with the March reading session which was held on Saturday, the 30th of March, 2024. Present at the reading session was the Patron of the Uyo Book Club, Senator Ekong Sampson with other members of the book club, both old and new. The “DEAR” moment was observed as usual, followed by remarks by the patron.

It was confirmed by the patron and the founder of Uyo Book Club that the club will be hosting Mr. Femi Adesina, a distinguished and influential figure in media and communication in the April Reading Session. Members were urged to mark their calendars to attend the session which promises to be exciting.

Following this, members took turns to share what they read and learnt during the “DEAR” moment. Another interesting session where members were asked to share something striking from one of their favourite books was introduced. It was indeed interesting as members took turns to share striking lessons from their favourite books. With this, the March reading session was brought to a close.

We anticipate that the second quarter will be more interesting, insightful and valuable.

Thank you, and HAPPY NEW MONTH! Welcome to the second quarter of the year.

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