Special Appearance: Rt Hon Barr Eseme Eyiboh. “Leadership is not dealership. Dealers seek laurels. Leaders seek knowledge. Knowledge is consistent character of readers. Those in this class, never fail. Reading may not give instant profit, but readers are never stranded…we can reorder the course, if we invest in potentials than wasting resources at mending broken men”.
Addressing students of Justice Chamber, Law Faculty, University of Uyo who turned out to be enlisted in the club, Dr Udeme Nana urged these legal tusks to complement benefits derived from membership of Uyo Book with advocacy for improved society and enlightened populace.
As a prelude, pages of “Flashes of Oratory” by A.A Ikoiwak was read to listening audience by Dr Nana.
Join our October reading session, as this mobile intellectual bank, mount the rostrum for a Review.
It’s October with Barr Eseme Eyiboh.
Happy Independence Nigeria.

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