By Dara-Abasi Akpan

On Saturday, 25th November 2023, the Uyo Book Club brought to a close the 2023 reading sessions.

It was an honour to have one of our members, Mrs Elizabeth Oku James, the Vice principal of Cornelia Cornelly College and the author of various books, join the book club  and read aloud one of her books titled, NOT TOMORROW. The session was met with positive reactions from the members, and it was a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about the book and engage in thoughtful discussion. The author’s presence added a unique and valuable perspective to the session, and we are grateful for her time and insights.  It was a fantastic way to wrap up the reading sessions for the year, and we are excited to begin planning for the next reading cycle.

What you should know about not tomorrow

Apart from the educative, humorous, creative attributes of the book:

– it is a novella

– it is for students in secondary school

– it has been approved by Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Education to be used in secondary schools.

– it is 800 naira only.


Quick Reviews by Members

Ama Ntekim:

It was a wonderful reading session.

I love the book and I enjoyed hearing the author read the book.

The stories are intriguing and the book is written with simple words, which makes it easy for any child to comprehend.

Though the book is written for secondary school students, there is a message there for everyone.

“Not tomorrow” encourages everyone to do what needs to be done today, and stop procrastinating.

Having a platform where students engage in impromptu speech was something that gladdened my heart. I wish every school could have such, and other intellectual platforms. Having such platforms prepares children for public speaking and to function effectively in the society.

Communication skills is something every child should cultivate. I didn’t have it in my time, but I’m glad that some schools have this.

Thank you for reading aloud for us, ma. Thank you, Uyo Book Club, for the amazing work you do to promote the reading culture. I’m elated to be a member of this intellectual platform.????


Margaret James:

Thank you for sharing this time with us, it was wonderful hearing you read for us.

About The book.

I love it.

The suspense. At a point I was like, why are we having different characters, where is this leading to.. I had to go to chapter 13 and I was like… I see what you did there

You did a great job in letting the students express themselves using their realities.

Also, it is worth noting that Sanders actually improved on himself,

The book is written for secondary school students, and although I am not more in secondary school, it did two things for me, taking me back to my secondary school days and also to know the kind of training children are exposed to these days in secondary school.

The ending… Everyone has something to offer, including children.

The children did a mindset shift on Lydia’s mind

Thank you so much ????


It has indeed been a great year and we appreciate everyone who made him/herself available for growth and for the betterment of the society.

Wishing you a wonderful festive period in anticipation and a prosperous New year in advance.

Thank you very much.

See you in 2024!



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