John Obot Breaks Guinness World Record For Longest Read Aloud Marathon

By Chioma Kalu

Obot beat the previous world record of 124 hours for the longest read aloud marathon by clocking 145 hours.

The new guinness world record holder for the longest read aloud marathon event, John Obot has said his motivation to attempt to break the record was a need to see a reading public, especially among the Nigerian Youth.

Obot beat the 124 hour mark set by Rysbai Isacov, an Indian who previously held the title by clocking 145 hours.

He started reading on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 in Uyo and was supported by the Uyo Book club.

“The Guinness world record for the longest reading marathon is not new. Its been there.

“My major motivation was a need to see a reading public, especially involving the Nigerian youth. My dad was a journalist and he insisted that we read. so, I grew up from a family that loved books and loved to read.

“Before we started the Readmania project, conversations around books and its importance in shaping the mentality of people and helping them access a pool of resources was very gladdening to me.” He said

Obot also said the Digital technology should be a blessing in enhancing the act of reading. He said it only seem like a distraction because people lack the motivation to read.

He further said that the support he got were largely not government based even though the government gave him some moral support through the visit of the deputy Governor of the State, Akon Eyakenyi.

The record breaker said he has begun writing a book to document the experiences gathered at the readmania project which would include the behind the scene activities and would title it “The Journey Through Hell”.




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