Uyo Book Club was agog during the June reading session as the Founder, Dr Udeme Nana, broke the news that a member of the Club, Mr John Obot, is ready to drag the world’s attention again to Akwa Ibom State as John Obot, attempts to read for 145 hours, non-stop to beat Rysbai Isakov who holds the longest marathon reading aloud Guinness World record for now. The Turkeye read aloud for 124 hours in Bursa, Turkey from 22 to 27 September 2022.

Announcing his aspiration to the Club, Mr Obot, expressed his determination to take over the Guinness World Record from Isakov by reading, non-stop, for 145 hours at Watbridge Hotels and Suites in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, West Africa.

Speaking, the Patron of Uyo Book Club, Senator (Barr) Ekong Sampson, PhD, thanked Mr John Obot and pledged that he would draw the attention of the Federal Government of Nigeria to education and reading through the Uyo Book Club.

The Senator, who flew in from Abuja, for the purpose of attending the June reading session, promised his unalloyed support to Uyo Book Club. He reiterated his commitment, as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to use policies in driving politics instead of allowing politics to drive policies.

The June reading was spiced with the presence of Ambassador Okon Ibanga Udo (Rtd), who shared his life experiences with the Club by reading his book entitled; ‘Destiny.’

Speaking after the presentation, the Club’s progenitor, founder and book enthusiast, Dr Udeme Nana, took out time to explicate on the salient lessons raised by Ambassador Udo in his presentation. One of the lessons being that familiarity with whichever environment one finds himself is a sine qua non for personal success in one’s dealings in such an environment. Another lesson was the need to do due diligence before one enters into permanent marital relationships to avoid getting into such relationships with very close relatives like Benjamin Owen in the book – Destiny.

Dr Nana advised youths of marriageable ages always to involve their families in their marriage plans and proposals so that parents can make adequate and excellent investigations between the would-be spouses before formal actions are initiated. He encouraged youths to take up challenges and be ready to break new grounds/records taking a leaf from Obot’s resolve to break another Guinness World record.

As Uyo Book Club prepares to host the world in September 2023 with John Obot as the Read-a-thon, we invite you to join the life-changing and impactful Uyo Book Club in her monthly reading session every last Saturday of the month at Watbridge Hotel by 4:00pm.



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