By Ekemini Simon

It was eroding, but now, it is gradually being restored. The reading culture in Uyo is gradually coming up strong. Uyo Book Club has been at the forefront of this reengineering. The first reading session in 2021 was just so memorable. Shakespeare’s Hall at Watbridge Hotel and Suites was drenched with the clouds of intellectualism. Deep, exciting discourse! Ekomobong Peter did Justice in the review of Flora Nwapa’s book “ONE IS ENOUGH”, published in 1981.

How timely the review was. Nwapa’s eyes must have pierced into our present society where erotic challenge is the order of the day. The review revealed to me an interesting, compelling skill of writing by the author. Imagine the line “Look at him, just take a look at him, he is less than a man, depending on a woman to buy his shirts for him, to spread out the mat for him. One day instead of him forking her, she will fork him”. So much on your mind right? ???. There were other themes like Feminism/Womanism, Financial Independence and humanity highlighted.

The second reviewer, Mr Felix Nyong rode us through Sunday Adelaja’s book ” HOW TO REGAIN YOUR LOST YEARS”. The need to put value on one’s time , maximising others , practising solitude for self discovery and renewal , pursuit of self education and problem solving skills took the centre stage. The practice of celibacy by the Catholic Church, property inheritance by the female gender were some of the topical issues of discourse at the gathering.

February edition promises to be more engaging as we already have three books in the kitty for a review. You don’t wanna miss out.Just remember, that the era of celebrating mediocrity is fading out. Reading enriches you. Most importantly, “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary”, – Jim Rohn.

At Uyo Book Club, we read and discuss pertinent issues thus place ourselves on the pedestal to rise above the ordinary.

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