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In our last post, we shared how reading small books can help you gain confidence in your reading proficiency.

To save you time and reduce your stress, we sourced three small books that can be a game-changer for you this 2023.

Ever heard the term, “small but mighty?” These three bring those words to life. Here they are.


1. Acres Of Diamonds


Written by Russell Conwell, the 53-page book is a speech that was delivered by the author no less than 6000 times in his lifetime.

The book centres on taking initiative and creating opportunities where we find ourselves. It is parabolic, in that it uses a story to help the reader discover a much-needed truth—that fortune can be created from the little things.

If you’re wondering how to create massive wealth by doing the little things, this is one book you should read. Don’t forget: It’s just 53 pages!


2. Who Moved My Cheese?


In this book, Dr Spencer Johnson, the author, was intentional about using storytelling to change the mindset, beliefs, and behavioural patterns surrounding change.

Many people are so averse to change that they remain stuck forever and never reap the rewards that come with riding on the waves of a good opportunity.

This year, there’ll be further advancements in STEM, digital financial assets, social entrepreneurship, and even governance. Whatever industry you’re in, there will be massive takeovers in the coming years.

You must learn to embrace change, and plug into certain innovations if you will become wealthy and not lose relevance.

Who Moved My Cheese? is the simplest best book that can help you embrace change. It’s 39 pages. It’s written in a story that a 6-year-old can understand. Most importantly, it has standout quotes and lessons that can help you verbalize your gleanings from it.


3. The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When To Quit


There’s a gigantic dopamine rush we all feel when starting something new. For some, they jump in the air, landing with their fists scrunched, their lips screaming a resounding YES! For others, they are filled with renewed hope and vision for the future.

Starting something new is great, but Seth Godin knows something we don’t—that sometimes we have to let go; we have to quit!

To him, doing work that is mediocre or that we are not passionate about will only lead to the dip. He believes that we can be the best in the world at something, but only by quitting everything else.

This book is 73 pages but we promise, you can read it in two hours maximum.


Now, we’ve shared these three books with you. Can you peep their covers tell us which you would love to read this week?

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