Are you looking for valid reasons to support your reading habit? Here are five benefits of reading books to remind yourself of when you don’t feel like reading.


  1. Reading Relieves Stress


People who don’t read may wonder at those who can, at the end of the day, curl up in bed, lost in a book. They may even ask you questions like, “Don’t you have worries?” “Is there not something else you’d rather be doing with your time?” “What do you see in these books?”

The truth remains that people experience more calm when reading, that’s why it is often advised that we read before we sleep, as it will make us feel refreshed in the morning.

Studies even show that reading for 30 minutes daily can reduce blood pressure, heart rate and feelings of distress. If this is not a great reason to read, what is?


  1. Reading Improves Vocabulary

Benefits Of Reading Books


While being a world-renowned public speaker or widely read writer may not appeal to you, having an expanded vocabulary still has its benefits. For one, your communication skills will be highly improved. This can have a domino effect. Here’s how.

Since communication is the backbone of relationships, your relationships will likely be high-value ones. Also, possessing stellar communication skills can spike your confidence, making it easier to experience multiple successes like high sales, high income, successful job interviews, and so on.


  1. Reading Improves Empathy

Benefits Of Reading Books


Readers, especially of fiction books, have a higher grasp of interpersonal skills, including empathy, an offshoot of emotional intelligence.

It is not unwise to say that book readers are better able to manage themselves, their time and their emotions because of subtle skills picked from books.

While a first-time reader may not boast of these skills, a long-time reader definitely would as proven by research published in the National Library of Medicine.


  1. Reading Keeps Your Brain Active


Some studies were done to compare the brains of those who read consistently and those who didn’t but suffered neurological complications like dementia.

The results showed that certain brain activities and components in dementia patients were not found in the brains of those who read consistently.

While this study is not solid proof that reading prevents mind ageing, it does attest that reading keeps the brain active and improves cognitive function.

In children, reading stimulates development and sets the pace for academic success.


  1. Reading Can Make You Live Longer

Benefits Of Reading Books


While this one looks plausible, it is also true. Some research was conducted on close to 4000 people over a twelve-year period.

The results showed that those who read lived two years longer than those who didn’t.

It may be easy to ascribe this to just the act of reading, but since nothing stands in isolation, that would not be accurate.

This effect that reading has on lifespan is possibly due to a compound effect of all other benefits of reading.

For instance, who do you think would live longer? A person who is happy, well rested and satisfied with the quality of his relationships, job and life, or a person who is not? Of course, you would pick the former.

If you’re intentional about reading quality materials, you will find that your reading is shaping your life, such that you’re functioning optimally. It’s no doubt that you’ll live longer and better if you read. Don’t give excuses. Read a book today.

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